What is PPS?

PPS is Photographic Software from G . F Smith

Is PPS free software?

Yes it is

Will PPS run on my PC or Apple computer?

Yes it is multi platform, and will run on Windows and Mac OSX

Does it come as a disk?

No, it is a downloadable file from a page on the G . F Smith website

Can I design Layflat albums on PPS?

Yes, in all sizes

Can I upload directly from PPS Software?

Yes you can, you can also upload multiple orders at once

Can I proof my albums to clients?

Yes you can, you can send them as a printed file or as a PDF via email. NB should your PC not have ‘print to PDF’ you can download a free/safe program to do so by clicking here

Can I design my cover options?

Yes you can, all cover options are available in PPS Software

Can I order my prints in PPS?

Yes you can in all sizes and paper choices

Can I add borders to my images?

Yes, from single pixel to many more

Are the final album prices available in PPS?

Yes they are available

What is a catalogue?

This is a new set of images that you load for a new album

Can I add extra images to an album?

Yes you can, just click on the “add image” drop down menu and select your images

Can I add drop shadow on my images?

Yes you can, and you can adjust the level of shadow

Will there be future updates to PPS?

Yes we will update the software to keep it up to market standards

Can I design multiple albums at the same time?

Yes you can, up to 5 albums can be live at any one time

Can I burn my files to disk, and not FTP?

Yes you can, just go through the order process and select burn to desktop. Put the .zip file onto a disk and send to the office.

Can I print my own files from PPS?

Not at this present time, we are working on a system that will allow you to do this, but it will be a charged option.

What is the limit of pages in each album?

There are many page variations, Layflat can go up to 50 pages 100 sides, please call the office on 01482 588037 for further details.

How many images can I have in an album?

This is completely up to you, but we will say that hundreds of images make an album look too busy. As a rule of thumb 20 pages 40 sides could have between 50-60 images.

Can I import my old albums from DG Foto Art?

Unfortunately not, the PPS software has been written just for G . F Smith and is not compatible with DG Foto Art.

Can I add text in PPS?

Yes you can, just click on the TEXT icon and then double click in the text box, and enter your text in the pop up box, you can also change fonts and colour.