8 Folder & Mount Styles

Photographic mounting is the process of using adhesive to fix a photo print to a solid substrate while folders store your photographic prints safely. As the UK’s leading purveyor of coloured and textured papers, we make our mounts and folders from the finest materials available.

Beautifully designed, we offer a standard range of styles in traditional sizes, structures and colours as well as a bespoke service. Call us on 01482 588037 and speak to one of our experienced team to find out more.

Pinseal 381X199B
Pinseal Mount

This all-black photographic mount is finished with a complimentary silver border. An excellent choice if you are looking for high quality and value for money.

Cutcorner 381X199B
Cut Corner Folder

Available in black or white card, this understated photo Folder can be blocked with the artwork of your choice, or left as it is with its round cornered aperture.

Harewood 381X199B
Harewood Folder & Mount

The Harewood photo Folder & Mount is formed from brown textured card and has a central aperture that is lined with a gold foil block to frame the image.

Fairfield 381X199B
Fairfield Folder & Mount

Fairfield is a medium-weight photographic Folder and Mount available in two colour options: black with a silver fine line border or black, China white and blue with a gold fine line border.

Rhapsody 381X199B
Rhapsody Folder & Mount

This photographic Folder & Mount design has an understated, contemporary feel. It is made from ivory or black card and has a subtle raised border around the image.

Bevelled 381X199B
Bevelled Folder & Mount

Produced in heavy-weight black card with a white bevelled-cut aperture, this luxury Folder & Mount will bring high end quality to your photo. Your studio name can be blocked on the overlay in white, black or silver foil.

Coloured 381X199B
Coloured Folder & Mount

For the bright client. Choose from one of our twelve colourful cards to create a striking and alternative photographic Folder or Mount.

Panoramic 381X199B
Panoramic Mount

The Panoramic Photographic Mount is produced in any one of twelve colour cards, and has a double aperture for a stunning effect.

As well as our standard offer, our bespoke service means we can design on request. This may mean a different size of folder or strut, a rare card choice or even an unusual folder or mount look.