1. Deletions

Due to circumstances beyond our control there are occasions when materials have to be withdrawn or substituted at short notice.

2. Terms of Business

All prices detailed in the list are subject to VAT at the current rate where applicable. Our products are priced as follows: Albums, Leaves and overlays priced individually, all other products as marked.

3. Payment Terms

Net monthly subject to terms and conditions. Debit/Credit cards accepted. Products and Prices can be subject to changes without notice.

4. Returned Goods

Return of goods will not be accepted unless prior approval has been obtained and then only in exceptional circumstances — all returns will be subject to an appropriate handling charge, minimum of 15% of invoice value. Goods must be in perfect condition otherwise the seller reserves the right not to accept the return.

5. Please Note

We cannot accept responsibility for mistakes incurred on special orders which are not supported by written, signed and dated confirmation of the relevant details.