Set out below are the terms and conditions of the G . F Smith Photographic Rewards scheme promoted and operated by G . F Smith & Son (London) Limited (“G . F Smith Photographic”).

    1. G . F Smith Photographic Rewards (“the Scheme”) is a loyalty scheme operated by G. F Smith Photographic under which enrolled customers (“Members”) accumulate rewards in respect of qualifying purchases made from G . F Smith Photographic. These terms and conditions govern the collection and use of the Scheme, until such time as it is determined.

    2. Members accumulate Rewards based on qualifying purchases in each calendar year as follows:

    a) 2.5% on all qualifying purchases in excess of £2,500;

    b) 5% on all qualifying purchases in excess of £5,000;

    c) 10% on all qualifying purchases in excess of £10,000

    3. G . F Smith Photographic qualifying purchases are purchases of any album or framing product invoiced (net of refunds or credits) in the calendar year. Qualifying purchases includes any purchases of prints for the appropriate product.

    4. Entry to the Scheme is only available via a completed official application form. The signatory must be authorised to sign on behalf of the customer. Receipt of a correctly completed application form does not guarantee entry into the Scheme. Successful entrants into the Scheme will be notified of such by email.

    5. Scheme applicants must clearly nominate which of the three Reward options they wish to receive.

    6. All participants in the Scheme must be age 18 years or older and be resident in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

    7. Rewards will be distributed in accordance with the nominated option in your Rewards application letter.

    8. If the option of a Gift Voucher is chosen, it is the sole responsibility of the voucher recipient to redeem the voucher within the parameters specified by the voucher issuer. No replacement vouchers will be issued under any circumstance.

    9. If the Charitable donation is selected, G . F Smith Photographic will make payment directly to the Charity of all Rewards earned.

    10. Any tax liability deemed payable is the sole responsibility of the Member.

    11. Under no circumstances whatsoever may Rewards be redeemed as cash.

    12. Administration of the Scheme is at the sole discretion of G . F Smith Photographic and correspondence will not be entered into. Decisions of G . F Smith Photographic in relation to the Scheme are final.

    13. Settlement of Rewards earned will be made in February following completion of each calendar year, subject to 14.

    14. In the event that the Member holds a credit account with G . F Smith Photographic and payments of account are not made within agreed terms, rewards may be withheld, or in exceptional circumstances such as default on payment, cancelled.

    15. G . F Smith Photographic has the right to withdraw, cancel or amend the terms of the Scheme at any time. G . F Smith will not be liable for any resulting loss or damage. Members should refer to www.G . F for Scheme terms and conditions. A member will be deemed to have accepted any changes or variations by his/her continued use of the Scheme.

    16. G . F Smith Photographic may at any time and in its absolute discretion refuse or revoke any Members membership of the Scheme in which case any Rewards earned will be forfeited.

    17. G . F Smith Photographic will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the termination of, or changes to, the Scheme or from the revocation or cancellation of a Members membership of the Scheme.

    18. Members are personally liable for any and all fees or taxes, costs, claims or liabilities of whatever nature arising from their membership of the Scheme.

    19. G . F Smith Photographic is the data controller of any personal information collected in relation to the Scheme and such information will only be used in accordance with applicable laws. By participating in the Scheme, Members consent to G . F Smith Photographic collecting and storing information used in the administration of the Scheme. G . F Smith Photographic will not share such information with third parties.

    20. These terms and conditions do not affect any statutory rights that a Member may have. 21. The promoter of the Scheme is G . F Smith & Son (London) Limited, Lockwood Street, Hull, HU2 0HL, registered in England and Wales under number 00490873.